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What’s with the bus benches?!

If you’ve seen our new benches downtown, you may have noticed the unconventional messages. It’s not the typical marketing statement that you would see from a business.

That is on purpose. We wanted to speak to you, at that time you might need to be spoken to. The words are messages that we firmly believe in as people, as professionals, and as a company. They are statements on our own office walls which we read on a regular basis. When we’re facing difficult situations, these statements restore our perspective and prompt our processes in how to make the right choices. Our hope is that, when the time comes that you’re facing a challenge and you need to hear a certain message, perhaps we had a small hand in helping you make a good decision.

For every bench message, I’ve written a blog to elaborate the statement. Check out our blog section to read through them. [read more]

Making Sense of Edmonton’s Real Estate Market-What’s happening and Where are we Headed?

The real estate market in Edmonton isn’t hot. Though the average sale prices reported portrait a minimal decline, the true market value of a given home has decreased far more … [read more]

Success is Peace of Mind

  How do you define success? From one person to another, responses will certainly vary. One person might gauge their success by wealth or professional achievement. Another may define it … [read more]

Edmonton Real Estate: What Happened in 2016, What to expect in 2017, What’s Trending & My Advice

It was an interesting year in Alberta. We started off with uncertainty due to a recent collapse in oil prices. This coupled with new political leadership on both Provincial and … [read more]

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