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Why Sell With Jeremy?

How do you choose one REALTOR® over another? What differentiates one from the next? Results. They speak for themselves.

Jeremy is committed to getting the most for his clients. He has a true passion for selling homes and continuously studies and develops his skills in marketing, customer service and negotiations to ensure that his clients get the greatest value when investing in his services. Every time.

These statistics are calculated directly with numbers from the Edmonton Real Estate Board.

2014 Chart


For Results that you can measure: if 2 homeowners with identical homes, right next to each other had listed their homes; Homeowner A with our team, and Homeowner B with another agent. Both had listed for $400,000. Homeowner A had a 9/10 chance of selling. Homeowner B had a 1/2 chance of selling. Assuming that Homeowner B was on the lucky end of that coin toss,  Homeowner A would have sold for $4000 more and would also have spared one mortgage payment by selling 17 days faster.



Who Would You Want Selling Your Home?

In 2014, there were approximately 3,200 members on the Edmonton Real Estate Board. In 2014, there were approximately 38,000 transactions on the Edmonton Real Estate market.

38,000 Transactions 3,200 REALTORS® = 11.87 Sales

Average Agent Sells

12 Homes Per Year

Average Edmonton Agent Sells

Jeremy Sells

100 Homes Per Year

Jeremy Sells

What Does This Mean For You?

More sales means 2 things:

  1. More Experience. More sales means having seen more obstacles and scenarios, therefore developing more solutions to overcome problems and to put and keep deals together. This translates to:
  2. Better Results. Homes are an expensive asset. It is wise to employ the person best qualified for the job.
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